Perfect Jewellery Pieces for An Intimate Morning Wedding

The intimate celebration is a testimony of the deep bond between two souls. An intimate wedding is a palette for love in its most pure form, whether it is graced with the warmth of a cozy setting, or bathed in the soft radiance of a morning sun.

When we explore the details of this special occasion, the jewelry selection becomes apparent as a representation of the subtle elegance that distinguishes these intimate celebrations.

At Meermankaa, we are aware of the significance of this ethereal moment and are certain that the ideal jewelry items may accentuate this momentous event with timelessness and elegance. The jewelry you select serves as more than just adornment; it serves as a reminder of your love story. It is an expression of your special journey and the vows that unite your hearts.

Here are some jewelry options to take into account.


Your bridal outfit will have a regal touch thanks to the mangtikka, a forehead adornment. It is a traditional option for Indian brides and goes well with a variety of hairstyles, such as a classic braid or a sophisticated bun.

Our Badra mangtikka, Hiral mangtikka, Sterling silver pearl mangtikka and Ragini mangtikka will not only increase your attractiveness but also provide your early morning wedding a sense of tradition and elegance.

Polki, pearl or carved stone necklace

For an Indian wedding, a polki, pearl or carved stone necklace is a must-have. The use of uncut stones and polkis in their elaborate patterns evokes a feeling of history and grandeur. For a morning wedding, choose a delicate and lightweight piece that will let the necklace shine without taking center stage.

Meermankaa’s Aria Carved stone necklace set, Afra necklace set, Nelofar choker set, Victorian set are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your intimate morning wedding.

Pendant necklace

Your neckline may be given a hint of refinement with a delicate, understated pendant necklace that has a significant charm or little gemstone without overpowering your morning ensemble. It goes well with both high- and low-neck wedding gowns.

Our Mayura Pendant Set and Aurora Pendant Necklace Set gives off simplicity and subtle charm that fits perfectly with the tranquil atmosphere of a morning wedding ceremony. You should also have a look at our Aurora pendant necklace set, which is ideal for a bridesmaid.

Jhumka earrings

Jhumka earrings are a representation of Indian ancestry because of their distinctive bell-shaped appearance. Pick a pair that goes well with your jewelry and your outfit. They add to the celebratory mood of the wedding with their soft jingling sound.

Our Sadeeqa Jhumki earrings, Drishika earrings, Meera earrings are perfect for accentuating your bridal attire with an appealing touch without going overboard. If you are a bridesmaid, you can go for our dainty pearls and polki earrings such as Rufaya drop earrings and Fiona earrings.

Nose ring

A little nose ring, often known as a nath, can be a pretty accent to your bridal jewelry. Choose a delicate style that enhances your face shape without dominating your appearance.

Our collection of nose rings includes everything from pearls to polki to sterling silver. To add a touch of elegance, you can go for our Mariam nose ring, Bird nose ring, Roobi nose ring and Gourika nose ring.

Bangles and bracelets

Your wrist can be accentuated with bracelets or traditional bangles. Take into account delicate designs with detailed patterns that go with your overall jewelry theme.

Bangles with floral motifs like our Floweret bangle are apt for your morning wedding. Our Uzma bangles have a vintage appeal and can add a sense of old-world charm to your bridal look. If you are looking for something minimal then check out our Kiara bangles, Nasrin bangles and Yasmin bangles. Moreover, you can also add a minimalist cuff bracelet in gold or silver that can offer a modern and chic touch to your morning wedding attire.


Your bridal ensemble can benefit greatly from the addition of simple, classy finger rings with a dash of tradition. Pick a style that blends nicely with your existing jewelry.

Visit Meermankaa to check out our huge collection of rings.


Payal, delicate anklets with small bells, contribute to the festive mood as you walk by making a pleasant, melodious sound. Select a design that fits along with the overall concept of your jewelry.

If you want to add charm to your look, check out our Kaamisha anklets and Triweni anklets.

Keep in mind that less is sometimes more for an intimate morning wedding. Choose jewelry that enhances your beauty and matches your outfit without detracting from the morning’s simple elegance.

At Meermankaa, we have a variety of jewelry options to suit any style, making sure you sparkle on your big day. Browse the ideal pieces from our collection now to make your intimate morning wedding unique.