Jewelry Ideas to Style a Lehenga Saree

When it comes to styling a lehenga saree, jewelry is quite important since it adds to the overall visual appeal and cultural depth of the ensemble. A hint of elegance, glamor, and individuality is added to the attire by each meticulously selected piece of jewelry.

Styling lehenga saree

It is an art to style jewelry for a lehenga saree, and we are here to assist you become an expert at it. A lehenga saree’s jewelry styling calls for a careful balance between heritage, modernism, and individuality. The event, the wearer’s preferences, and the style and color of the lehenga saree all influence the jewelry selection.

Whether you’re drawn to Alia Bhatt’s alluring elegance from “2 States” or Deepika Padukone’s “Chennai Express” style, we’ve gathered a selection of jewelry options to elevate your lehenga saree ensemble to new heights of sophistication and glamor.

Before proceeding with various jewelry choices for accessorizing a lehenga saree, take into account a few things.

What to consider before styling a lehenga saree?

Lehenga saree design: Consider the fabric, color, embroidery, and ornamentation as well as other design components of your lehenga saree.

Neckline and blouse style: Take into account your blouse’s neckline and style. While V-neck or scoop-neck blouses may hold lengthier necklaces like layered chains or harams, high necklines go well with chokers or statement necklaces.

Occasion: Choose jewelry that is appropriate for the given occasion. While more modern rituals may make way for smaller, more contemporary designs, traditional ceremonies might require heavier, more elaborate jewelry.

Color coordination: Align the colors of your jewelry with the color of your lehenga saree. Think about using complementary or contrasting colors to create a harmonious color scheme.

Hair and makeup: When choosing jewelry, take into account your hairdo and makeup. Certain hairstyles may be necessary to highlight certain parts, such as matha pattis or maang tikkas, effectively.

Now let us help you as you navigate the intricate realm of jewelry styling, making sure that each element accentuates your style and goes well with your lehenga saree.

Style tips for lehenga saree jewelry

Rani haar

Statement necklaces called rani haar fall gracefully over the torso. They’re ideal for giving your lehenga saree ensemble an extra dose of grandeur.

How to style?

To accentuate a long haram’s length, wear it with a V-neck or scoop-neck blouse pairing it up with a choker. For a more conventional bridal appearance, choose elaborate patterns with pearls or polki work; alternatively, use sleeker motifs with colorful gemstones for a contemporary spin.

Narayani Mango Haar


Chokers are adaptable jewelry that elegantly frames the face by fitting tightly around the neck. They look great with off-the-shoulder or high-neck blouses.

How to style?

Select a choker that goes well with the design of your lehenga saree and the neckline of your blouse. While modern chokers with sleek lines or geometric forms provide a modern look, traditional chokers with rich detailing lend a sense of royalty.

Earrings are essential for bringing the whole ensemble together while wearing a choker. Put on stud earrings to go with your choker. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a more South Indian or North Indian aesthetic, Meermankaa’s Keerti Choker Set is ideal for your lehenga saree. However, if you’re looking for something heavy yet sophisticated then our Tanirika Bridal Necklace Set is perfect for you.

Keerti Choker Set

Tanirika Bridal Necklace Set


Bridal outfits are given a royal and traditional touch by matha pattis, which are ornaments worn on the forehead. They can also be worn with lehenga saree for a sophisticated look.

How to style?

Select a matha patti that accentuates the features of your face and hairdo. Traditional patterns with pearls and floral motifs are classic options; contemporary versions embrace geometric patterns or gemstones for a touch of elegance. When wearing mathapatti, choose earrings that complement it rather than draw attention away from it.

Chandra Mathapatti

Maang tikka

The primary forehead decorations are called maang tikkas. They have a variety of styles, ranging from intricate jhoomar tikkas to traditional motifs.

How to style?

To create a unified look, match your matha patti and maang tikka. For a unified style, you can also select earrings that have a design that complements your maang tikka. If your maang tikka is more ornate, you could decide not to wear a necklace in order to seem less crowded.

Chandrika Maang tikka

Some other styling tips
  • When selecting chokers and necklaces, take your blouse’s neckline and details into account.
  • Make sure the colors and patterns of your jewelry complement the colors and designs of your lehenga saree.
  • To achieve a balanced style, balance bulky jewelry pieces with lighter accessories.

Whether you’re attending a glamorous event or a traditional wedding, the appropriate jewelry may make you look better. Look through our selection at Meermankaa to discover stunning pieces of jewelry that go well with your lehenga saree and stand out at any event.