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An ideal wedding outfit consists of a variety of accessories to spice up the groom's appearance and take it to the next level. A groom has a wide range of choices, including haars and brooches. Kings' jewels in the Indian subcontinent were more elaborate in ancient times. A haar or necklace is unquestionably the best option over a sherwani or bandhgala.

A popular accessory that goes well with pastel-coloredkurtas and sherwanis is a single or multilayered strand of haar. Layered necklaces can also be secured with a brooch on one or both sides. A Panchladahaar is an excellent choice for an OTT groom. The groom might take on a regal appearance by wearing a brooch.

Our AarnaPanchladahaar is perfect for grooms for a REGAL look. The Navratnahaar from Meermankaaadds an element of color to the groom's attire while giving it an heirloom royal look. Our Rabiahteenlada necklace has been the most preferred from the options we offer. Our brooches also leave a lasting impact by adding some personality to the look. Visit Meermankaa to shop for the best groom-wear accessories in India.