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A passa, also known as a jhumar or a side maangtikka, is a captivating piece of jewelry that adds a touch of glamour and elegance to a woman's ensemble. Originating from South Asia, particularly India, the passa is worn on the side of the head, typically attached to the hair or a headpiece.

The passa features intricate designs and embellishments, often incorporating precious gemstones and pearls. It beautifully frames the face, highlighting the wearer's features and adding a regal touch to her appearance. This exquisite accessory is commonly worn on special occasions such as weddings and festive celebrations, complementing traditional attire and reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. The passa truly epitomizes grace and sophistication, making it a cherished piece of jewelry for women.

A pearl passa is ideal for you if your dream wedding look is simple and ethreal. Choosing a minimalist passahelps you adorn the accessory in a more versatile way for festivities too. Try a statementpassa if you would like an accessory for your hair and would like to make it stand out. Our team can help you style the perfect pass with the matching necklace if you would like.

Meermankaa offers a wide variety of passas online. Our passajewelry will undoubtedly enhance your appearance, whether you are attending a family event or getting ready for your wedding day. Our Advikapassaand Zarinapassa, which features floral detailing and artificial polkis are the most desired. Our Zargulpassa is another recommendation that can add to your wedding look! Shop for the perfect bridal jewelry set onlinealong with the perfect passa to match atMeermankaa.