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In Indian culture, anklets are sometimes referred to as "Payal" and have significant social importance. While many brides prefer to wear them for aesthetic purposes, in some traditional Indian weddings, wearingspayals is an important ritual.

In order to help you discover the ideal fit, Meermankaa offers a wide variety of anklets to choose from. We offer gold-plated anklets that are studded with artificial polkis and pearls perfect for festive celebrations and wedding functions. If you’re looking for something simple to wear with your anarkalis then our Triweni anklet is perfect to achieve that minimal look. However, if you’re looking for something heavy for your wedding then our Kalindi and Sahiba anklets are perfect options. Our Shubra anklets feature chand motifs with pearl and gold bead chains that are perfect for making a statement. They are carefully handcrafted. If you’re looking for haldijewelry for the bride online and visit Meermankaa today. We also offer customized jewelry for brides so reach out to our team for suggestions.