Trending Jewelry for Traditional Kanjivaram Look

The Kanjivaram saree, beloved for its vibrant hues, elaborate patterns, and plush silk fabric, is a representation of classic elegance and cultural legacy.

Choosing the appropriate jewelry to go with your traditional outfit is crucial to making your Kanjivaram seem even more stunning and sophisticated.

Let’s explore some chic pieces of jewelry that go well with the classic Kanjivaram saree.

  • Choker necklace sets

Returning in style, choker necklace sets attractively accentuate the neckline and provide a contemporary spin to classic Kanjivaram sarees.

For a sophisticated and fashionable style, select a statement choker necklace set with elaborate motifs and polkis, matching earrings, and a sleek maang tikka. With its polki and Zirconia crystal embellishments, Meermankaa’s Erina Necklace Set gives your Kanjivaram ensemble just the right amount of charm. If you’re going for a subtle look then our Zeeana Necklace Set is perfect.

Erina Necklace Set

  • Temple jewelry

The classic appeal of temple jewelry-inspired earrings combined with bangles will elevate your Kanjivaram saree look. Our Goddess Laxmi Earrings are a tribute to historic temple jewelry, with beautiful filigree work, pearls, and celestial designs.

This combination provides a pleasing fusion of heritage and refinement, especially when paired with our Vaneesha Bangle, which has elaborate motifs and religious symbolism.

Goddess Laxmi Earrings

  • Haarams or Haars

The elegant complement to the classic Kanjivaram look, harams, often referred to as Haars, radiate elegance, tradition, and luxury. These lengthy, ornate necklaces have very detailed craftsmanship.

Our Narayani Mango Haar provides a statement of classic elegance to your Kanjivaram attire while also adding a sense of grandeur.

Narayani Mango Haar

  • Polki bangles

A compelling option to add a touch of regal beauty and refinement to the classic Kanjivaram style is polki bangles.

Our Niyati Moissanite Polki Bangles accentuate the grandeur and beauty of the Kanjivaram attire either worn alone or layered for a statement look. They are a beloved and classic complement to any wardrobe that aims to combine tradition with modern elegance.

Niyati Moissanite Polki Bangles

Styling tips

  • Color harmony: To create a unified and well-balanced look, choose pieces of jewelry that complement the hues and patterns of your Kanjivaram saree.
  • Mix & match: To create a distinctive and customized Kanjivaram ensemble, try combining traditional and modern jewelry pieces.
  • Statement pieces: Keep other accessories simple and let one statement piece of jewelry, such as choker necklace or a pair of ornate earrings, be the center of attention for your whole ensemble.

Elevate your Kanjivaram look with Meermankaa

Discover our wonderful collection of jewelry to add classic elegance and grace to your Kanjivaram saree look. Let the beauty and heritage of the Kanjivaram saree with Meermankaa be reflected in your jewelry.