Meermankaa is a brainchild of father-daughter duo, Ashutosh and Umang.

With almost three decades of experience in the gold & diamond-jewellery industry and having been closely associated with some pioneers in the trade, the foundation of Mankaa was laid by Ashutosh, with a motive to introduce something detail oriented and exclusive, yet quiet wearable.

His love for the trade further motivated him to learn more about diamonds and how they are graded and what contributes to their value. With his expertise he successfully continues to serve a niche clientele with intricate and technique-driven designs in diamond jewellery

Umang, carrying the legacy forward, was always creatively driven and chose to follow the footsteps of her father.

A NIFT alumna with a degree in Accessories Design, chose to cultivate her skills and expertise in Jewellery designing. At NIFT she had hands-on experience on materials and undertook various projects in ways and mediums to adorn ornaments for both men and women.

She went on to study diamond grading, like her father, and gemology from the International Gemological Institute.

After acquiring the necessary skill set, she worked in the industry for 4 years on the design and development end as well as the retail end which helped her  enhance her entrepreneurial abilities.

Inception of the LABEL:

Ashutosh and Umang with their experience and a lot of rigor, began to brainstorm on the changing fashion and jewellery trends and felt that with the increase in destination weddings and the urge to own something new with every style of clothing, women were looking for jewellery that’s more wearable, is easy to travel with, is cost effective as compared to precious jewellery and yet looks tasteful. That’s when Mankaa came into existence, in 2017.

What we offer at Meermankaa:

Based in the heart of the capital, Mankaa caters to an array of design choices from bespoke fine jewellery to sterling silver jewellery and costume jewellery.

We believe that jewellery should not only be comfortable to wear but also ergonomically made and should be curated in such a way that it compliments the beauty of anyone who wears it.

Our area of specialization lies in the workmanship, the eye for detail and being able to offer customization to the best of our abilities in our core design language. Our efforts are driven towards understanding each customer, their taste and preferences, their color choices and providing them comfort with luxury, through our designs.

Quality & Luxury are our core attributes.

Our pieces are intricately made, skillfully crafted and carefully delivered to you. We aim at offering each of our clients a personalized shopping experience to help them choose the perfect piece of jewellery for every occasion.